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Natural wellness nonprofit respectfully seeks donations!!
All gracious donations are a tax write off, electronic receipt provided upon request.

Please help us secure funding so we can move forward with our worldwide mission for wellness.

Xy'Maya (pronounced Sum-Eye-Ya) Nonprofit Organization is dedicated to providing FREE education for natural wellness and superior holistic wellness products to those in need.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can reach with “The Maya Girl Project”.  Our wellness program strives to…

  • Provide free education on natural holistic detox, wellness and healthier living
  • Leave no mouth in need un-nourished with free superior holistic wellness products
  • Keep families united through vibrant health rather than disjointed through disease

We are a start up nonprofit organization and we respectfully request your support. We are working on securing and obtaining donation funding to launch our wellness program “The Maya Girl Project” on our mission for worldwide wellness.

Your kind donations will allow us to provide natural wellness education and products to those in need,


  • The general public
  • Orphanages
  • Schools
  • Camps
  • Shelters
  • International villages

Please show your support by graciously donating at our website or by sharing this article with others. Please “share” on Facebook and ask others to pay it forward with a “ share”.  

Upon receiving your donation we will send you a thank you email with an electronic tax deductable receipt

 We truly appreciate it!  

With Love and Gratitude,

 Dee Lake Founder and President of Xy’Maya Nonprofit Org.


Xy’Maya Nonprofit Organization

Founder and President Dee Lake

Oregon City, Oregon


IRS Approved 501c3 Public Charity - Tax ID# 45-4712207