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About Xy’Maya:

  Xy’Maya was established by Dee Lake in loving memory of her mom Suzanne, who’s artistic name was Xy’Maya (pronounced Sum-Eye-Ya). Xy’Maya passed away from cancer at a young 41 years of age in 1985.  At the time her daughter Dee was just 17 and was disjointed from her family unit through disease.

Xy’Maya’s cancer was a type of Leukemia directly linked to radiation fallout, due to exposure (without her knowledge) from the above ground bomb testing performed by the government at the Nevada test site during the 1950’s.

After this devastating and tragic loss and life changing experience Dee began an ardent 20+ research journey on non-toxic healthier living. This sparked a passion in her for living a non toxic, organic, holistic and natural lifestyle to support wellness and ignited a passion in her for helping others seeking the same.

Dee continues with her passion for wellness and strives towards educating and helping others in becoming and staying well. She teaches people how to embrace a healthier lifestyle for optimal well being, quality of life and longevity, thus keeping families together through wellness.

Dee's mother Xy'Maya was a single mother, Xy'Maya and her 3 children lived in poverty. Xy'Maya did not have the resources that she needed to detox and support her health. Dee feels her mother could have survived her radiation exposure and maintained her well being with optimal health if she had the superiour holistic support and resources available to her that she needed.  It is Dee's mission and passion to make sure people have the wellness support and resources they need so these unnecessary tragedies do not happen. 

Dee has also dedicated Xy'Maya and "The Maya Girl Project" to her lost child who she never had an opportunity to nurture, love, teach, raise and enjoy. With a loving heart and pure dedication Dee’s passion, mission and hope is to find further healing and fulfillment through nurturing as many people as she can reach with her wellness education, programs and products, in helping people get well, stay well and by helping keep families together through wellness and vibrant health. 


              Xy'Maya's daughter Dee


About Dee and a personal message

Hello...My name is Dee, my passion in life is fueled by my mother and best friend Suzanne, also known as Xy'Maya (pronounced Sum-Eye-Ya). I lost her to cancer at a young age and my family unit was broken.

Today I am a holistic health coach and founder of Xy'Maya Nonprofit Org. In honor of my mother I am donating and dedicating my time, love and energy to helping people get well, stay well and strive towards keeping families united in optimal health and well being.

By getting involved and supporting my cause your donation will allow me to reach more people to help them with their well being and can even save lives, thus keep families together.

Thank you for your loving support with me on my journey and mission for world wide wellness!


Xy'Maya's gracious grant writer Steve.